wokeservatism part 2

After embarrassing herself by not being able to define woke after writing a book about work, Ms Mandel provided a definition. But I think she defines what I call wokeservatism.

The Foxlandia filter bubble is escaping its containment.

watches 12 hours of conservative media a day

We do not have competing filter bubbles in the US. We have a mainstream media and we have a conservative filter bubble. There is nothing that illustrates this better than this Pew Research polling from 2019. While there is a noticeable gap between Dem-leaning and all Americans there is a giant nearly impassable chasm between… Continue reading The Foxlandia filter bubble is escaping its containment.


When conservatism becomes entirely about grievances about perceived bias, perceived lack of representation and perceived suppression of their identities, you end up with Wokeservatism. And this is the dominant version of conservatism in the US today.

Right wing minions: The Rise of Musk

(from left) Minions Kevin and Otto, Gru (Steve Carell) and Minions Stuart and Bob in Illumination's Minions: The Rise of Gru, directed by Kyle Balda.

At some point someone is going to chisel a hole into Elon Musk’s ego that is just large enough to slide a spreadsheet through. And Elon will look at the numbers. Wide eyed. And in an exasperated voice Mr. Musk will ask “you mean we need those libtard snowflakes to be happy for Twitter to be worth anything?”