Hampublican. A word we didn’t know we needed.


Do you know that guy? The one that responds to fact checks by calling you sheepole? The one that yells libtard? The one that yells libtard and then demands you be more respectful? That guy.

Have you met that guy? Did you get suckered into listening to him hoping to calm him down just enough to point out that his unsubstantiated claim isn’t a fact because he sincerely believes it?

The guy who lives in fear that the woke mob will round up conservatives and put them in FEMA camps hidden under pizza parlors where they’ll be forced to gay Sharia law marry transgender illegal M&Ms while the Obama Care death panels confiscate their guns and bibles and gas stoves and force them to say happy holidays all while antifa teaches their kids critical race theory.

That guy.

I needed a word for that guy. A word that expresses how that guy is both salty and bland. Something to express the pink faced porcine rage. Something that expresses the fearful squeal of discomfort from people he disapproves of just existing. Anything that conjures up exactly what it is like to interact with that guy.

Then a discovered this article the UK’s Independant from a few years back.

Gammon: Why is the term being used to insult Brexiteers and where does Charles Dickens come into it?

Gammon, the traditional pork steak commonly served in British pubs, has become the subject of unlikely uproar on Twitter.

Members of the British left have been invoking the hearty cut – routinely served with a fried egg and chips or a limp pineapple ring – as an insult with which to describe red-faced conservative men and Ukippers ranting about Brexit.

That was the right idea. But it needed to be Americanized. And then Hampublican came to mind. Checking Google and Twitter I saw that no one else had used that word.

And with Hampublican-all those moments of being told that facts don’t care about my feelings by a guy who refused to cite any supporting evidence came rushing into my memory.

And props to Colbert for giving us Ham Rove.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.