wokeservatism part 2

Betheny Mandel defines woke

After embarrassing herself by not being able to define woke after writing a book about work; Ms. Mandel provided a definition. But I think she defines what I call wokeservatism.

Do conservatives believe that our institutions are built around discrimination? And there are disparities that are caused by this discrimination? Yes, they do. They think Universities are biased against conservatism. And social media. They say the deep state is biased against them. They claim that Hollywood and the News industry is biased against them.

Do they seek a radical redefinition of society in which “equality” of conservatives is an endpoint? Yes. In attacks on Universities. And attacks on Social Media. With investigations on perceived bias in the government. By attacking private industry. And by bullying Disney and eventually the rest of the media.

And do they think it would be enforced by an angry mob? Yep.

As for woke, I an offering another definition which I think should be used by everyone:

Woke: When intelligent, attractive and well dressed people point out the ways conservatives have made society worse by means of racism, sexism and other forms of bias.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.