Banana Republic Shit

At some point int he past few days a memo went around to the right wing ecosystem saying they should compare the indictment of Trump to what happens in a Banana Republic. Of course, they were silent when Trump was leading chants of lock her up. And they were silent about calls for locking up the Biden family and Dr. Fauci and everyone else. They are of course, huge liars acting in bad faith. Nothing new here.

But what I find perplexing is the lack of pointing out that the GOP has been engaging in Banana Republic shit for decades now. A story broke showing how the Reagan campaign colluded with Iran when they were holding American hostages. This was in ’81 and not in ’86 when Iran Contra broke. Iran Contra is serious Banana Republic shit. Fast forward to ’88 and Bush pardoned everyone involved in Iran contra to help them avoid consequences. Banana Republic shit.

Abuse of foreign policy for partisan political gain is Banana Republic shit. It is also just something Republicans do.

Moving forward to W and we have an administration that lied us into war. And engaged in torture. Attempted to use the justice department to tamper in our elections by claiming there was voter fraud, before Trump made it cool. All of this is clearly, Banana Republic shit.

I haven’t even made it to Trump yet. It can be summed up with one single quote from Adam Serwer that best exemplifies just how much of Trump’s four years was wallowing in the Banana Republic swamp.

Compare Adam Serwer’s description to the Wikipedia article on Banana Republics.

My point is a simple one. Having an unaccountable political or economic elite that escapes justice is Banana Republic shit. Holding everyone; including former elected officials, accountable to rule of law is the exact opposite of Banana Republic shit.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.