It’s 2016 all over again.

a stick of butter with the word emails on it as a visual pun for "but her emails"

Remember back in 2016 when there was one Trump scandal after another but the media kept hammering on Hillary’s emails?

I remember. And I think about it a lot. It was cowardice pure and simple. Journalist and pundits are afraid of being called biased by bad faith actors on the right and then be called nasty things on twitter by those same bad faith actors. So the media bends over backwards to make a minor scandal into something that could compare to Trump’s firehose of malice, incompetence and outrageous lies. This is not being balanced. It is letting bad faith actors dictate the terms of the debate.

And now it is happening again. This time with Biden’s age. The important thing to remember is that if Biden was 20 years younger it would be some other false equivalence drum being pounded by the both sides media. These bad faith actors bemoaning the lack of an acceptable Democratic candidate are not even remotely being sincere. No Democrat is acceptable and any Democrat will have the same playbook used against them.

Do not repeat the mistake of attacking the right thinking you can shame them into admitting that Trump is awful. You can’t. Don’t waste time trying to explain why Biden is in fact up to the job. They don’t care and will not listen. While trolling MAGA idiots on Twitter is entertaining, it doesn’t move any needles.

Instead, take the time to attack the bothsiderists in the media for making false equivalences. In the same way that journalists are increasingly aware of how silly knee jerk both sides takes are, make them aware of how silly it is to buy into Republican framing of Biden’s age when Trump is 77.

Rachel Bitecofer calls this Pivot and Attack. When some attempts to both side rape and being over 80, pivot from Biden to a reason why this is a bad both sides take. My stock responses so far are

Biden has forgotten more about governing than Trump ever knew and you’re ignoring both Biden’s record of policy successes and Trump’s lack of any record of policy success.

Biden’s memory is so bad he can’t keep track of how many of Trump’s 91 charges are criminal indictments and how many are just civil fraud.

Sure, the GOP should run on “Biden is a mentally impaired criminal mastermind.” That doesn’t sound ridiculous at all.

If Biden is feeble minded, what does it say about the whole GOP that he keeps outsmarting them?

If Biden’s multiple bipartisan policy wins aren’t proof of competence, what does Trump’s complete lack policy prove? Explain this like we are five.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.