Bret Stephens should show the same respect to the man who called him a bedbug that he demands we show to Nazis on campus.

“So I was surprised to receive an email from Bret Stephens last night. The subject line read “From Bret Stephens, New York Times.” The provost of my university was cc’ed on the message. Stephens had found a tweet that I had written earlier that afternoon. Riffing on the headline “Breaking—there are bedbugs in the NYT newsroom,” which was drawing rounds of Twitter jokes, I had written “The bedbugs are a metaphor. The bedbugs are Bret Stephens.” The tweet had landed with a thud (nine likes, zero retweets), and I went about my day.”

Republican attempts to shut down free speech on campus because his feelings were hurt. None of the free speech concern trolls who stand up for Nazis could be reached for comment.


The National Review will Shiv you in your liberal back in a heartbeat

“If 1998 Bill Clinton ran in the Democratic primary today, he’d be instantaneously labeled a far-right bigot. His support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Defense of Marriage Act, and “don’t ask, don’t tell” alone would label him as a conservative culture warrior. His crime bill and his views on illegal immigration would render him a racist bigot, and his balanced budget would block the dramatic expansion of the welfare state contained in Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.”


“But those who care about the health of the American republic cannot and must not ignore the fact that our most powerful cultural cohort just keeps radicalizing.”


The National Review makes it clear that there is no good faith gained by compromise with the right. Work with them, they shiv you the way they spent eight years going after Clinton. Stand on principal and you’ll be attacked as a radical.

And these are the non-crazy Republicans. The ones who discuss climate policy without conspiracy theories.

This article could have been a fair and generous call for moderation. It isn’t. It is pure identity politics that puts the focus on what people call themselves rather than what policies they prefer. Democrats are way more unified on policy than on what to call ourselves.  Any trip to PEW Research over at will tell you that. And Democratic policies are way more popular with a broad plurality of Americans.

Again, these are the non-crazies.

Concern Troll Veterans of the Obama Drone Wars still silent as Trump escalates.

“The 2016 executive order was brought in by then-President Barack Obama, who was under pressure to be more transparent.

Since the 9/11 terror attack, drone strikes have been increasingly used against terror and military targets.

The Trump administration said the rule was “superfluous” and distracting.”

In the 2016 election cycle I head so many people talk about Obama’s Drone war and how it would be worse under Hillary and at least Trump would get us out of stupid wars. None of those concern trolls have said a word. And I really doubt they cared about the issue other than as a way to score points in debates with liberals.


Why aren’t you willing to die for my liberty?

 “Do you believe the hospital has a right to refuse to treat me on the basis of race, and that the government has no moral or legal imperative to require the hospital to treat me?

For the record, after a brief silence, my radio caller acknowledged that while the death of someone like me might be an unfortunate byproduct of his limited-government perspective, he still stood fully behind his philosophy on principle.”

Not surprised. Libertarians think you should be willing to sacrifice your life for their liberty but also think it is a bridge too far to think they should pay taxes to defend the lives of others. There is no grand principle here, regardless of what he is saying. For the most part, they are perfectly willing to accept the social security and medicare benefits they’ve paid for while they suggest others be willing to die for their liberty.


N.R.A. Magazine Draws Criticism for ‘Target Practice’ Headline With Photo of Pelosi and Giffords

“The photo, taken last month at an announcement about proposed legislation to expand background checks for firearms purchases, carried the headline in large letters: “Target Practice.””

They are about killing people, not defending the Constitution. They want guns to go after liberals and kill them. They keep telling us that. Stop taking them at their word when they claim they want guns for defending themselves from the state. They want those guns to short-circuit the constitution when they personally disagree with a law, a party or a legitimately elected representative.


Wingnut Welfare Queen SE Cupp Defends Sarah Isgur’s quest to be a Wingnut Welfare Queen

“”I know Sarah for a long time,” Cupp said. “And I’ve worked with her in all of her capacities, when she was at the House, when she was at the DOJ, when she was running a presidential campaign. And she’s a professional. She is very smart, lovely to work with. She’s loyal.””

The key part is loyal.

Wingnut welfare queen SE Cupp wants to make sure that Isgur gets some of that sweet sweet wingnut welfare money for going on CNN and being loyal to the right wing treason machine and its hunger for tax cuts. Cha-ching. Make it rain.

Isgur’s contribution will be to recite “both sides” talking points while insisting that everything is either the fault of the democrats or the liberal media. Like all the other talking heads feeding from the wingnut welfare trough.


Fox & Friends host says Ocasio-Cortez’s staff salary plans ‘socialism and communism on display’

Fox is acting in bad faith here. If AOC didn’t work to make sure every staffer had a living wage they would have called her a hypocrite. There is nothing she can do that FOX will not cover in the more unflattering and unfair way possible. Let’s stop pretending this is honest criticism.

“”Fox & Friends” weekend co-host Pete Hegseth said Sunday that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) move to cap higher-level staff incomes in order to pay every member of her staff an annual salary of at least $52,000 was an example of communism and socialism.”


New Hampshire Law Illegally Targets Young Voters Ahead of 2020 Primary

The GOP doesn’t want Democrats to vote and they are willing to lie cheat and steal to keep minority rule.

“By requiring people to pay up to hundreds of dollars in vehicle registration fees if they register to vote, the law unconstitutionally restricts voting rights and, in particular, targets New Hampshire’s students and young people to dissuade them for voting”


The ACLU is correct that this is a poll tax. New Hampshire is perfectly ok to take student’s money but they want to make sure those kids don’t vote in the state where they live. They are more than OK with anything that will prevent access to voting for people to challenge their illegitimate hold on power.

The Real Origins of the Religious Right

Worth reading ever word from top to bottom. There has been too much revisionist history from the religious right.

“it wasn’t until 1979—a full six years after Roe—that evangelical leaders, at the behest of conservative activist Paul Weyrich, seized on abortion not for moral reasons, but as a rallying-cry to deny President Jimmy Carter a second term. Why? Because the anti-abortion crusade was more palatable than the religious right’s real motive: protecting segregated schools.”


concern troll veterans of the drone war

Air Force budget documents show a 63 percent increase in Hellfire purchases in Trump’s 2017 budget and another 20 percent increase in the most recent budget request.

During the election I heard so many people concern trolls warn me about the horrors of the future Clinton administration. The drones they say. The dems used to be against war now they are all about drones.

The drone war was in decline under Obama. And now it’s growing. 

I don’t hear much about this anymore.