The National Review will Shiv you in your liberal back in a heartbeat

“If 1998 Bill Clinton ran in the Democratic primary today, he’d be instantaneously labeled a far-right bigot. His support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Defense of Marriage Act, and “don’t ask, don’t tell” alone would label him as a conservative culture warrior. His crime bill and his views on illegal immigration would render him a racist bigot, and his balanced budget would block the dramatic expansion of the welfare state contained in Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.”


“But those who care about the health of the American republic cannot and must not ignore the fact that our most powerful cultural cohort just keeps radicalizing.”


White Progressives Are Polarizing America

The National Review makes it clear that there is no good faith gained by compromise with the right. Work with them, they shiv you the way they spent eight years going after Clinton. Stand on principal and you’ll be attacked as a radical.

And these are the non-crazy Republicans. The ones who discuss climate policy without conspiracy theories.

This article could have been a fair and generous call for moderation. It isn’t. It is pure identity politics that puts the focus on what people call themselves rather than what policies they prefer. Democrats are way more unified on policy than on what to call ourselves.  Any trip to PEW Research over at will tell you that. And Democratic policies are way more popular with a broad plurality of Americans.

Again, these are the non-crazies.