how much damage can you do?

The two worst things Bush can do for us poor souls in Blue States, the states that pay most of the Federal Taxes, would be to change the tax code in two ways. First to eliminate the Home Mortgage Tax Deduction, the second to eliminate the State and Local Income Tax deduction.

12 steps

Bush apologists are like drunks who won’t stop hanging on to the bottle until they find out that what’s in the bottle is killing them. They could have a thousand bad days and nights, but they wake up every morning… or afternoon, and are willing to buy any twisted logic that says they can still… Continue reading 12 steps

french bashing

I’m getting a little sick of the French Bashing from the right wing. I’ve noticed the following two themes: When the French do something in their national interest that somehow conflicts with our interests, they are betraying us. When we do something that is in our national interest but conflicts with French interests, we are… Continue reading french bashing

paul krugman

George W. Bush, I once wrote, “values loyalty above expertise” and may have “a preference for advisers whose personal fortunes are almost entirely bound up with his own.” And he likes to surround himself with “obsequious courtiers.” Lots of people are saying things like that these days. But those quotes are from a column published… Continue reading paul krugman