Matt Gaetz: A Tragedy of Trumpean Proportions in Three Acts

Act One: He Doth Tweet It

Act Two: He defends Himself Poorly

““I was happy to do it for you. You just keep killing it,” Gaetz was reportedly heard telling Trump, according to Dovere.


Gaetz apologized to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and, apparently, to Cohen personally, for the tweets about Cohen’s alleged “girlfriends,” but the Florida Bar is currently looking into whether he violated an ethical code with his tweet.”


Act Three: He didn’t see Justice coming until it was too late

From cnn

Francine Andía Walker, the group’s director of communications, said the Florida Bar received a number of calls and emails regarding the tweet after it posted.According to disciplinary guidelines for the group, which is the organization of all lawyers licensed by the Supreme Court of Florida to practice law in the state, the state bar’s lawyer regulation arm must determine that an allegation against a bar member “would constitute a violation of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar” before a probe is opened.

The lesson here is simple. Before you get involved with Trump, think of Chris Christie. That’s the best case outcome of doing business with Trump. Chris Christie is a joke and his political career is over but he isn’t in jail.

Becoming a punchline like Chris Christie is successful outcome.

Milestone: National Debt Tops $22 Trillion For The First Time In History


“The Congressional Budget Office projects that this year’s deficit will be $897 billion — a 15.1 percent increase over last year’s imbalance of $779 billion. In the coming years, the CBO forecasts that the deficit will keep rising, top $1 trillion annually beginning in 2022 and never drop below $1 trillion through 2029. “


This is a direct result of the GOP tax scam. And they will use the debt scare they created via the tax cut to argue for gutting social security and medicare. This is exactly what everyone said while the GOP was passing the bill on a party line vote with no debate and no amendments from the democrats. 

This isn’t something new, it’s well documented and has been for two decades now.  Bruce Bartlett wrote about in the early 2000s confirming it. One link is here:

Trump Hits Back At ‘Naive’ Intel Chiefs After They Contradict Him At Hearing

This is not normal.

There are five options here: Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats knowingly gave false or misleading information to Congress. This should be investigated and if true, he should step down.

Option two: The Director and National Intelligence and Trump were given or arrived at differing views on the same intelligence. This is less awful but it should be fixed.

Option three: Trump is lying. This is the most likely. There should be an investigation on why he is lying. Was it to purposefully contradict his own staff? Was he put up to it by a third party?

Option four: Trump was never given the correct intelligence. If so, there should be an investigation on why and who is giving him incorrect intel and why that might be.

Option five: Trump failed to comprehend the correct intelligence. If this is true, he is unfit for office.

I can’t see a positive spin here.

“On Tuesday, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said intelligence information does not support the idea that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will eliminate his nuclear weapons.

Trump insisted on Wednesday on Twitter that the relationship with North Korea “is the best it has ever been with the U.S.”

Don’t Negotiate with Hostage Takers – Talking Points Memo

The shutdown bacillus that Newt Gingrich injected into our political system in 1995 must be eradicated. It was dormant for almost two decades until Republicans (neo-Gingrichites) returned to power in the House in 2011. It’s wrong. It’s destructive. And it’s the same principle we apply to all terrorists. You can’t negotiate with terrorists or hostage takers, because it encourages the behavior.

Source: Don’t Negotiate with Hostage Takers – Talking Points Memo

Against ‘Civility’

One might further note that it is simply too comical to be lectured about social decorum by a party whose members shouted “You lie” at a President during a State of the Union address and made Donald Trump their party leader.

via Against ‘Civility’

The GOP demands it’s insults be accepted as politically incorrect free speech while it demands its opposition to act in the more comically deferential way possible.

Congressman Who Choke-Slammed Reporter Brags Of Defeating ‘Leftist Media’

Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) almost blew his last election by choke-slamming a reporter for daring to ask him questions, then lying about how the assault happened. But in his mind (or at least his latest fundraising email), he’s still the victim.

via Congressman Who Choke-Slammed Reporter Brags Of Defeating ‘Leftist Media’

The same people who were very upset a Nazi was punched seem to be ignoring the GOP member of congress that assaulted a journalist.