Sorry, Republicans. You can’t call out Northam for racism and give Trump a pass.

They don’t actually care about what the governor did. This is an opportunity to score points and accuse liberals of hypocrisy. That’s the only reason why the right is interested in this story.

“But while Democrats, and decent people everywhere, have a right to demand that Northam step down, Republicans who continue to support a party dominated by Trump can’t be taken seriously on this point.”


Utah Voters Approved Medicaid Expansion At The Ballot Box. The GOP Is Trying To Undo It.

The Utah GOP is more concerned with what the funding class wants than what the voters voted for.

“The Utah GOP clearly is prioritizing overturning the voters, considering the Legislature has been in session since just Monday and the bill made it out its Senate committee Tuesday and to the floor Wednesday. The fact that 53 percent of voters spoke in favor of a full Medicaid expansion at the ballot box in November is not swaying Utah Republican legislators, who have resisted the expansion since it became available in 2014 under the Affordable Care Act.”


Rand doesn’t stand

Rand doesn’t stand

It’s fine to be unconcerned that the rich are getting richer, but blind to deny that ­middle-class wages have stagnated or worse over the past dozen years. In the aftershock of 2008, large numbers of Americans feel exploited and abused. Rather than workable solutions, my party is offering low taxes for the currently rich and high spending for the currently old, to be followed by who-knows-what and who-the-hell-cares. This isn’t conservatism; it’s a going-out-of-business sale for the baby-boom generation.

When Did the GOP Lose Touch With Reality?

Mr. Frum seem to have forgotten his role in the administration that referred to its opposition as the reality based community.


The overall governing strategy for the GOP from the mid 1990s to today seems to be

  1. Create a problem via inaction, negligence or partisanship grandstanding.
  2. Blame the problem on the democratic party and liberalism in general
  3. Insist on solution that doesn’t actually address the problem, but does benefit the tiny minority of wealthy families and foundations that support the GOP
  4. Leave the real problem to be solved the democrats and insist on tax cuts and other give always in exchange for letting them solve it.

It seems to be working for them.

GOP’s Continuing Resolution Cuts Funding for National Weather Service, FEMA

Back in February 2009, Republicans found a lot of risible spending in the stimulus bill. In his response to the State of the Union, Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., derided the stimulus for including “$140 million for something called volcano monitoring.” The gripe was mostly that the funding, mostly for U.S. Geological Survey upkeep, wasn’t stimulative. (This is a pretty good argument.) But Democrats honed in on that comment to decide that Republicans were going to try to cut funding for natural disaster monitoring.

From Weigel : GOP’s Continuing Resolution Cuts Funding for National Weather Service, FEMA

Yeah, Tsunami/Earthquake/Hurricane warning systems are a total waste of money. Let the free market provide personal disaster prevention domes.

Anyone want to bet that this video is as phony as the Acorn and other O’Keefe videos are?

The Tea Party Patriots, an umbrella group for state and local Tea Party groups around the country, is rallying its supporters against NPR in response to hidden camera footage of an NPR executive, Ron Schiller, describing the movement’s members as “seriously, seriously racist people.” The video was filmed by James O’Keefe’s group, Project Veritas, and featured the group’s members having lunch with Schiller while posing as a phony Muslim advocacy group interested in donating $5 million to NPR. In addition to his comments on the Tea Party, Schiller is shown in the video saying that NPR does not need federal funding, which the Patriots argue demonstrates that House Republican efforts to cut the news organization’s funds are on the mark.

From Tea Party Patriots Rally Against NPR After O’Keefe Video

Anyone want to bet that this video is as phony as the Acorn and other O’Keefe videos are?