The Sad Trombone that became a real boy.

Imagine if you will-the sound of a sad trombone. Now imagine a magical spark which enchants it, turning that sad trombone into a real boy. That would be Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis is a sad trombone come to life.

Ron’s face became a meme before he announced his presidential run and the discussion about it never ended. And he inability to smile was parodied relentlessly. His smile looks like he is a comically sad person faking joy and no one is fooled. Everyone can see there is deep and profound awkwardness around the man and it looks like the stench of gloom follows him just steps away.

As an example, here you have Joe Biden visiting Florida in October 2022 after a hurricane, talking to a guy wearing a Florida Cracker shirt. Joe has his arm around the man’s wife while they all share a moment. That’s a Florida man. He should be on Team Ron. But here you have Joe being the hero in the moment. But where is Ron? Sadly walking by with the mother of all hang dog looks on his face. This is the Chad Meme being acted out by Ron and Joe.

And everyone who knows the Chad Meme saw it. This became a meme template on its own.

Ron’s scandals became a rogues gallery of losers. Ron’s shoes became a scandal. He had a white boot scandal which was viewed as manna from the comedy gods. What kind of loser has two footwear scandals before their first primary?

There was a scandal about Meatball Ron where Trump was being asked why he wouldn’t be calling DeSantis “Meatball Ron” so the derogatory phrase was repeated over and over again in conservative media. Everyone Ron needed to convince heard Meatball Ron and saw him unable to respond to it.

Ron when to London to show foreign policy chops and embarrassed himself. He hitched his campaign to ending wokeness and it took Trump one sentence to end it. Then he lost a fight with an elderly mouse and it cost him a billion dollars.

But the final insult was the Good Liars attempting to give DeSantis a participation trophy. Look at how he acts. He uses his wife as a shield and can’t figure out the subtle body language needed to get security to escort the prankster out.

He’s done.

Good riddance.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.