The Three’s Company Defense and the Raffensperger call

If you aren’t familiar with the show Three’s Company, let me give you a quick synopsis: It was a 1970s sitcom where every episode revolved around some misunderstanding; usually sexually suggestive in nature, that existed largely as a vehicle to put Don Knott’s supernatural facial reactions on TeeVee.

Let me now propose that if someone is defending Trump’s call with Meadows and Raffensperger and suggests that this is just a big ol’ misunderstanding; that’s the Three’s Company defense. I know it sounds like someone was attempting a coup by overturning the legitimate election results but in reality Janet was just about to sew a button on Jack’s pants.

Who would do that? Scott Adams for one. He made a his own Glenn Beck style whiteboard.

So if it’s out of context, what would the context be that shows the dishonesty of the quote. The full transcript is available online.

By Stable Genius

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