Does Howard Kurtz know the Republican party exists?

For much of America, Joe Biden is the president-elect, going about the business of assembling an administration, giving a speech yesterday to announce the creation of a coronavirus task force. World leaders are calling to congratulate him.

But other parts of America believe President Trump that the “lamestream media” are trying to hijack the election on behalf of their pal Joe. Many Trump supporters believe just as strongly in his allegations that the election was warped by widespread fraud.


The other part of America is called the Republican Party. It’s also the part of America that is tuned into the Fox News Cinematic Universe.

Is Howard Kurtz unaware that the opinion side of Fox news, the part that makes all the money, is responsible for creating a whole subset of America that are convinced that liberals are going to start rounding up Republicans and putting them in jade helm FEMA camps hidden under pizza parlors owned by George Soros, where they’ll be forced to gay Sharia law marry illegals while the Obama Care death panels confiscate their guns and bibles and force them to say happy holidays and the only thing stopping them are the brave patriots watching Fox news?

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.