Anthony Weiner resigned 10 years ago

“In 2011, U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., announced he would resign after admitting he sent sexually suggestive photos on social networks Facebook and Twitter. He left office the following week. “

From UPI

The actions that forced Anthony Weiner to resign were inappropriate but nowhere as bad as the acts that led to him being sentenced as sex offender. It was sexting. It was consensual. It was between adults. While it was unethical, reckless and gross; it was just sexting and a private moral failing.

Compare how Weiner was treated by a Democratic majority (and rightly so) to the way Gym Jordan, MTG, Matt Gaetz are being defended by the GOP. In the cases of Jordan and Gaetz, there were minors involved. In the case of Jordan, there was negligence. In the case of Gaetz, alleged criminal conspiracy and sex trafficking of minors.

Compare how the alleged liberal media treated Weiner to the way the right wing noise machine provides cover to Republican malfeasance. What Gaetz is accused of now is far worse than what forced the Democratic majority to kick Weiner out of office.

If Weiner did what he did today with a magic R next to his name any discussion would have been dismissed as a distraction. Any call to step down would be called cancel culture.

Both sides are not the same.

By Stable Genius

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