Mitch McConnell was the biggest winner on election day

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In Jan 2021 the following statements will all be true:

  • The Senate will be in the hands of the GOP
  • The SCOTUS will have a 6-3 Republican majority
  • The President will not be Trump
  • He can redirect his party’s hatred to the president
  • Mitch McConnell will not have to face voters until 2026.
  • A huge tax increase will take effect during an economic downturn giving him a bargaining chip one day one
  • No legislation will pass unless Mitch decides to allow a vote
  • No Judges will be appointed unless Mitch decides to allow a vote

So if you care not one tiny bit about governance but care a lot about the courts and preventing any legislation that could help people thereby making the Democratic president more popular, it is really hard to see what more you could ask for.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.