Wingnut Welfare Queen SE Cupp Defends Sarah Isgur’s quest to be a Wingnut Welfare Queen

“”I know Sarah for a long time,” Cupp said. “And I’ve worked with her in all of her capacities, when she was at the House, when she was at the DOJ, when she was running a presidential campaign. And she’s a professional. She is very smart, lovely to work with. She’s loyal.””

The key part is loyal.

Wingnut welfare queen SE Cupp wants to make sure that Isgur gets some of that sweet sweet wingnut welfare money for going on CNN and being loyal to the right wing treason machine and its hunger for tax cuts. Cha-ching. Make it rain.

Isgur’s contribution will be to recite “both sides” talking points while insisting that everything is either the fault of the democrats or the liberal media. Like all the other talking heads feeding from the wingnut welfare trough.