Republicans Plan to Penalize States on Primaries

The Republican National Committee plans to penalize at least four states holding early primaries, including New Hampshire and Florida, by refusing to seat at least half their delegates at the party’s national convention in 2008, a party official said Tuesday.


Republicans Plan to Penalize States on Primaries – New York Times

I like this. My opinion of the whole primary process has been degrading with each passing day. I think we should get rid of the whole primary and replace it with a national caucus. Each of the 435 congressional districts would have precinct by precinct caucuses. They would elect a local representative who is who would go to the national convention. Those local representatives would then get together for a week or two and then draft the party platform and pick a ticket that would be able to run on that platform.

There are some some obvious and not so obvious advantages. For one thing, 435 people from around the country would might better represent party than a sample of people in Iowa and New Hampshire.

By Stable Genius

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