Why Bush stands by his incompetents

The more radioactive his aides become, the more Bush embraces them. With Gonzales, the president was particularly alone in this stance. Conservatives who might otherwise defend Bush against Democrats were appalled by Gonzales’ incompetence and the utter waste of time and energy devoted to cleaning up his messy department. Why does Bush hang on until his mistakes are glowing?

Why Bush stands by his incompetents. – By John Dickerson – Slate Magazine

My pet theory on this is that the president doesn’t see a difference between I think and I know. Since he thinks that someone is a good man; that should be the same as knowing that person is a good man. It is common for some parts of the faith based community to view opinions; when held strongly enough, magically become equal to any facts someone else may have. So it really doesn’t matter to him how poorly a person performs so long as it doesn’t effect what he personally thinks about that person’s performance.

By Stable Genius

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