Suspended Spitzer Aide Is Expected Back at Work

Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s communications director, who was a central figure in an attempt to use the State Police to embarrass the governor’s main rival, is expected to return to state government as early as this week, people briefed on the matter said yesterday.

From: Suspended Spitzer Aide Is Expected Back at Work – New York Times

Really not cool. This is going to hurt Gov. Spitzer’s reputation and it should. To my admittedly cynical eyes; it looks as if Mr. Dopp was acting on Gov. Spitzer’s behalf, was caught, slapped on the wrist and allowed to keep his job.

The use of state law enforcement to carry out political goals is serious. It is not somthing that can be tolerated in any administration, Republican or Democratic. Its the reason why AG Alberto Gonzales was dragged in front of the Senate.

By Stable Genius

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