Hacking Democracy

“Hacking Democracy” follows Harris – a middle-aged writer and literary publicist from Seattle who first became interested in voting difficulties shortly before the 2002 race – as she travels the country to sound the alarm about what has become the most talked-about problem in elections, the dangers posed by the paperless electronic voting machines. Harris makes a grand subject for a documentary: Not only is she responsible for discovering some of the greatest vulnerabilities in touch-screen systems, she’s a firecracker who’s got Michael Moore’s flair for sarcastic confrontation. The film captures Harris and a band of fellow muckrakers engaged in a spate of guerrilla media spectacles – they spar with voting company representatives at official hearings, they storm into elections offices and demand evidence of electoral accuracy, they dig through garbage cans for proof of official malfeasance, they stage mock elections to show how quickly you can break into the nation’s voting equipment.

From Salon.com

And yet there are people who think that no one is cynical enough to use technology to tamper with the elections.
While I am really skeptical of most of the Diebold conspiracy theories, I am really displeased with the way the company has refused to cooperate any oversight and has dragged its feet in dealing with voter concerns.

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