And yet Bushenfreude—the phenomenon whereby high-income beneficiaries of the Bush tax cuts use their windfalls to fund Democratic candidates—is still raging this election season. If anything, it’s more intense than in 2004. Around the country, high earners with million-dollar homes, foreign cars, and fancy jobs, people who have won the meritocratic race, are furious at what’s happening to their country. You’ve seen the Pissed-Off Yuppies, weighing $5-per-pound heirloom tomatoes at the farmer’s market in one hand while gesticulating wildly against the government with the other.

From Slate

This sounds like my neighborhood. One thing that comes to mind is that many of the Yupwardly mobile just dislike the incompetence of this administration. They are used to working in environments where poor performance has negative consciences. That seems not to be the case in the current administration.

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