Keith Hennessy on Bush and the financial crisis.

Keith Hennessy on Bush and the financial crisis.

Bush tax cuts 10th anniversary: They’ve been a failure in every conceivable way.

The massive Bush tax cuts mark their 10th birthday this week. Sadly, despite my best efforts to find something redeeming about them—honest!—there is little to celebrate. By nearly all of the metrics set out by President Bush himself, the cuts were a colossal failure.

From Bush tax cuts 10th anniversary: They’ve been a failure in every conceivable way.

So no one would be crazy enough to suggest even more tax cuts, right?

Londo Mollari on Iran?

The recent saber rattling with Iran has reminded of a quote from Londo Mollari of Babylon 5:

“Only a fool fights a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the kingdom of fools fights a war on twelve fronts!”

There are three classic military blunders.

  • Getting into a land war in Asia.
  • Opening a second front when the first front hasn’t been secured.
  • Going to war with with Italian Army on your side.

Bush went three for three.

PATH Tunnels Seen as Fragile in Bomb Attack

An analysis done for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey says that the PATH train tunnels under the Hudson River are more vulnerable to a bomb attack than previously thought, and that a relatively small amount of high explosives could cause significant flooding of the rail system within hours.

New York Times

While Bush and his Neo-Con crew insist that we are fighting the their so we won’t have to fight them here; the facts seem to suggest that we aren’t fighting them here because we are fighting them over their. Five years after 9/11 and stories like this still come out.


And yet Bushenfreude—the phenomenon whereby high-income beneficiaries of the Bush tax cuts use their windfalls to fund Democratic candidates—is still raging this election season. If anything, it’s more intense than in 2004. Around the country, high earners with million-dollar homes, foreign cars, and fancy jobs, people who have won the meritocratic race, are furious at what’s happening to their country. You’ve seen the Pissed-Off Yuppies, weighing $5-per-pound heirloom tomatoes at the farmer’s market in one hand while gesticulating wildly against the government with the other.

From Slate

This sounds like my neighborhood. One thing that comes to mind is that many of the Yupwardly mobile just dislike the incompetence of this administration. They are used to working in environments where poor performance has negative consciences. That seems not to be the case in the current administration.