Study of Iraq War and Terror Stirs Strong Political Response

Democratic lawmakers, responding to an intelligence report that found that the Iraq war has invigorated Islamic radicalism and worsened the global terrorist threat, said the assessment by American spy agencies demonstrated that the Bush administration needed to devise a new strategy for its handling of the war.

And then there is the kicker:

In public comments on Sunday, Republican Congressional leaders did not dispute the accuracy of the reports about the intelligence estimate, although they continued to defend the American presence in Iraq.

From Study of Iraq War and Terror Stirs Strong Political Response – New York Times

Now that its clear that the fight them there so we won’t have to fight them here is actually fighting them in Iraq will make it more likely we will have to fight them here I have to wonder what the next justification will be. This is a really tragic. This is the time for new ideas and a major course correction. Not a retreat, but a rethinking of what our goals are and what we need to do to get there. And this is exactly what the GOP leadership seems unwilling to consider or open to debate.

By Stable Genius

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