UN Dispatch: Ted Turner: Telling It Like It Is

the U.N.’s not perfect. It structurally needs to be reformed. The Security Council, it just doesn’t make sense to have only five countries and the victors of World War Two. I mean Germany and Japan, that was 60 years ago. They’re both two of the most peaceful and best run countries in the world. They have a right to be there. India’s not represented on the Security Council. No country from the Muslim world and no country from South America is represented. It’s not representative.

Ted Turrner on the UN. From
UN Dispatch: Ted Turner: Telling It Like It Is

I’ve long held the belif that the only thing worse than having the UN would be not having the UN. Ideally, the UN would allow for a system of global governance without evolving (or devolving) into a global government.

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