propaganda pundits

Worth watching. This is clear evidence that this administration was running tax payer funded covert propaganda campaign on US soil in clear violation of US law. Screw impeachment, it’s time for a war crimes tribunal.

re-framing the US Attorney scandal

In a scripted moment of imperial bravado, President Bush held a press conference yesterday to address the scandal over his Attorney General having lied to Congress. Why this sudden move? In a word: framing.

FRAMESHOP by Jeffrey Feldman

An excellent discussion of how this administration is trying to change the way the US Attorney scandal is being discussed in the media.

why does CNN grant an open forum to this particular whack-job and not others

When Coulter is invited to spout her putrescence on Larry King Live, the legitimacy granted to her is CNN’s fault, not Coulter’s. After all, there’s no shortage of desperate attention seekers willing to say and do outlandish things to get noticed. The question is, why does CNN grant an open forum to this particular whack-job and not others?

The Grit: The Bleating of Cowards: Hannity, O’Reilly, & Co.

Can someone name a left-wing loony that gets as much TV time as Coulter? Someone who has joked about killing a supreme court justice with rat poison or insulted our troops the way Coulter has? For the life of me, I can’t.

Why Colbert matters

What Colbert did to the president and the press corps is news: He didn’t shoot anybody Saturday night at the Hinckley Hilton, but he laid them out in just about every other way imaginable. It was as an “Emperor’s New Clothes” moment played out with George W. Bush and his court forced to watch, and you ought to have seen it and talked about it and read reporting and analysis on it by now.

From War Room –

The video is here and the followup is here

Colbert’s deconstruction of the GOPer pundit is awe inspiring. From his fixation on bears to his ironic support for the president down to the way he brilliantly inverts the meaning of his guests comments shows an understanding of political spin and the way the media is played that would normally be reserved for the driest of news analysis shows like PBS’s The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. But Colbert makes it approachable.

pundit payola

It came out last week that a couple of conservative pundits have been on the take from lobbyist extraordinaire Jack Abramoff. He would pay them up to $2,000 for columns and op-ed pieces that advanced the interests of his clients.

From: Pundit Payola – Money talks. It writes, too. By Michael Kinsley

This is just as bad as the Armstrong Williams stories from earlier this year. If you are getting paid to promote an idea, and do not disclose this fact; you are not a journalist. You are a publicist. What you are writing isn’t an article, it is a press release. And if you do not disclose your relationships relating to that opinion, you are not an advocate; you are a shill.

It’s disappointing that the CATO Institute lacks the brio to defend all this as the free market at work. We talk grandly about the “marketplace of ideas.” Why should that marketplace, unlike all others, ban money? Won’t Adam Smith’s famous invisible hand guarantee a good result?

Mr. Kinsley has a point there. Why don’t the people on the right just defend the idea of bribery as part of the free market? Why not fight for the deregulation of elections as to make payments (even secret payments) perfectly legal? Why not extend this to simply auction off the rights to legislation? I say this with tongue in cheek, but I find the lack of coverage of these scandals really upsetting. I realize it isn’t as sexy as the Monica affair, but this is really big news. As much as people on the right might protest, this is a clear example of the Republican culture of corruption in Washington.