The zaniness of evil

AI created clown congress in session
clown congress

While much is said about the banality of evil, little is said about just how wacky evil can be. From the proud boys silly initiation rituals to the Klan’s odd vocabulary, evil has always tried to hide in plain sight to fool people into complacency.

And sadly this is what has happened. The silliness of the GOP speaker food fight has fooled large numbers of Americans-and most frustratingly-a strong plurality of the media, into seeing this as those wacky Republicans are at it again. While that happened, it wasn’t what happened.

The actual outcome of the speaker battle is that a small group of hardliners and loyalists who are willing to burn down the country to ensure the next speaker will only certify Trump-regardless of who actually wins-have installed a speaker who will only certify a Trump victory.

And rather than focus on this fact, the media is going to focus on how ridiculous Rep. Mike Johnson is. Sure. He has any number of ridiculous beliefs. But if he is speaker on Jan 6th 2025, he will prevent the counting of votes and all but appoint Trump as president.

Mike Johnson is ridiculous

By Stable Genius

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