Project 2025, you’re doing a heck of a job.

AI created clown congress in session
clown congress

I hate that US Media is too busy normalizing terms like “deep state” to bother to report that Project2025 is about attacking rule of law by having the civil service act on the whims of the president rather than execute the laws passed by congress.

And this isn’t new. If you want to understand what Project2025 would be like you don’t have to guess. We’ve already seen this show and it sucked.

Three days after Hurricane Katrina flooded much of New Orleans’ Ninth Ward President George W. Bush praised the work of FEMA Director Michael Brown.

Source: Bush: “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job” | CNN Politics

That’s what happens when you take a CEO President and replace the non-political Civil Service with people Heritage picked because they would be loyal and then ignore all oversight and accountability.

But what would it look like if they used Heritage to staff a whole Federal government? You don’t have to guess about that either.

Rep. Waxman also suggestsed that staff members for the Coalition Provisional Authority were too often picked on the basis of Republican political affiliation, rather than experience or competence — with the result that people in their twenties were handed control over matters such as the Iraqi government budget.

Source: Waste in War: Where Did All the Iraq Reconstruction Money Go?

That’s what is so disappointing about this article in the NYTimes. The article is great but the headline normalizes the phrase Deep State. Someone reading the headline is simply not going to understand what the stakes are.

Voters need to know that Project 2025 is the Trump plan to damage rule of law by using civil service to serve the interests of himself and his allies rather than execute the laws passed by congress.

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