And local politicians

A lot is being said about Dr. Oz’s weird statement adding local politicians into the abortion decision.

Mehmet Oz Says Abortion Is Between a Woman, Her Doctor and Local Politicians

Why is this shocking? The idea that local politicians should stand between you and your basic rights is a thing that Republicans believe. This idea that local politicians should be there to make those choices with you is the foundation of each and every culture war issue.

What medical care you choose for your kid, that’s between you, your doctor and local politicians.

Are you planning on getting married? That’s between you, your partner and local politicians.

Does your kid want to get a book from the school library? That’s between you, your school librarian and local politicians.

Pouring a glass of water? That’s between you, your thirst and local politicians.

Do you want control over when and if you have a family? That’s between you, your partner and local politicians.

Want to complain about how crazy this is? That’s between you, your 1st amendment rights and local politicians.

Planning on voting against those local politicians? Well, that’s between you, your right to vote and local politicians.

Where the GOP remains hands off is corporate donors. They can do whatever they want and local politicians can not interfere.

By Stable Genius

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