Mark Meadows and the Three’s Company Defense

From The Hill

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said text messages he was sent by Fox News opinion hosts amid the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol have been “weaponized” in an attempt to cast former President Trump in a negative light.

Mark Meadows is using the Three’s Company defense. If you aren’t familiar with the show Three’s Company, let me give you a quick synopsis: It was a 1970s sitcom where every episode revolved around some misunderstanding; usually sexually suggestive in nature, that existed largely as a vehicle to put Don Knott’s supernatural facial reactions on TV.

I know it sounds like someone was attempting a coup by overturning the legitimate election results but in reality Janet was just about to sew a button on Jack’s pants. And there there was some bear spray and some people were injured. But we promise it wasn’t a coup.

This is where my ears perk up. I start waiting for some kind of reasonable explanation to follow. Because it is very clear to me that if you claim that texts are being selectively leaked to give the impression that the president didn’t act, you are now obliged to provide some evidence that the president did in fact act. If texts are being “weaponized” then you need to explain what exonerating details are missing. But Mark does not do any of that. And we all know that he can not. All Mr. Meadows can do is lawyer up and delay. Because this is the only way he can avoid criminal charges.

By Stable Genius

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