Orwellian Conservatism

From: newrepublic.com

“Conservatism in 2021 means radicalism,” announced Nate Hochman, a 23-year-old writer at National Review. Describing the posture of his political milieu, Hochman spoke with urgency and without pretense, less eager to impress than to be understood. “We have to think of ourselves as counterrevolutionaries or restorationists who are overthrowing the regime.” He doesn’t mean by violence, necessarily. “But … there’s not a lot left to conserve in the contemporary state of things. There are things that need to be destroyed and rebuilt.”

Radical conservatism. Conservatism that doesn’t seek to conserve. Conservatism that seeks to overthrow. Conservatism that seeks to destory.

The term for this Orwellian.