The gaslighting will not stop with Roe.

The exact same people who spent decades gaslighting you about the half century effort by conservatives to overturn Roe by insisting that Roe is safe will soon switch to gaslighting you by insisting that conservatives will stop with the overturning Roe.

You can choose to believe that this time, they aren’t lying. You can choose to believe that they aren’t going to go after contraception. And LGBT rights. Or the regulatory state. Or anything else that is built on a similar foundation as Roe.

What you can not do is pretend that once Roe is overturned that the machinery that allowed the Federalists to overturn it will just simply cease to exist. You can not pretend there is will be no temptation to use that machinery for other conservative causes. And you can not pretend there will be no new Federalists added to the bench just as soon as the conservatives can place them.

Or you can choose to believe the people who have been warning you for the past few decades.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.