This article is a trick

How Donald Trump Is Going to Destroy the Republican Party

The upside for the Republican Party is that Donald Trump has had an excellent short term political strategy over the last six years. The downside is that it is a terrible long term strategy. I hope they enjoyed their “permanent majority” while it lasted.

Trump has three plays in his playbook:

1. Run to your base.
2. Create fear. Start a culture war. Rally around the flag.
3. Keep the companies and the crazies happy.

All three of these plays work. But they all eventually become untenable. Then they serve as an albatross around your neck for a long time to come. Let me explain.

Take a quick moment to reread that quote a few times and think about what the trick might be. Think you got it?

Ok, now head over to and read the original. 

The trick is that was written in 2006 about Karl Rove. Two years after that article, the Dems held the house, the Senate with 60 votes and Obama was sworn in. Two years after that, the Tea Party took the house and the next six years were marked by Republican obstruction. 

You know that scene in the horror movie where everyone is sure the slasher is dead and his eye opens? Think of that whenever you read anything about the GOP’s demise. 

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.