Tea Party or Whiskey Rebellion?

The movement chose the wrong historical precedent when it selected the Boston Tea Party of 1773, a genuinely revolutionary event, as its symbol. Today’s Tea Party movement is much more like the misguided and ill-fated Whiskey Rebellion of the early 1790s, during the first term of America’s first president, George Washington.

When Congress in 1791, at Hamilton’s suggestion, enacted an excise tax on whiskey, along with a tariff, to help pay down the consolidated national debt, the result was the Whiskey Rebellion.

From Tea Party or Whiskey Rebellion?

There are two problems with this analogy:

  • They are rebelling with the people who proposed the bailout, not against it.
  • Taxes have gone down, not up.

Other than that, I like the comparison.

By Stable Genius

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