Is Anthony Weiner an Angry Loon?

In this age of cable and YouTube, millions of people evidently saw the one-minute-plus clip. But there has been relatively little focus on why the substantive debate that sparked it matters.
More broadly, while I appreciate the concern over the future of civility in politics, I believe a little raw anger right now is justified. Democrats make a mistake by pretending there is a bipartisan spirit in Congress these days, and would be better served by calling out Republican shams.

From Op-Ed Contributor – Anthony Weiner – Why I Was Angry –

I wasn’t sure what I thought of his outburst so I asked myself a simple question. If he were a GOP member and was that passionate about tax cuts, would I call him out as an angry loon?
Sadly, yes. I would call him an angry loon. So I might agree with his politics but his attitude was totally uncalled for.

By Stable Genius

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