Dr. Paul: Not board-certified

Libertarian ideology rejects most of the modern regulatory systems that protect consumers, because everyone should be responsible for determining whether the hamburger contains E. coli on his own. But does that do-it-yourself dogma apply to the regulation of medicine, too? If you’re Dr. Rand Paul, practicing ophthalmologist, the answer is emphatically yes.

Dr. Paul: Not board-certified, but self-certified – Joe Conason – Salon.com

Paul is obviously well within his rights to get mad about some dumb policy and write cranky letters about it and then form his own medical board with pizza parties every day and no girls allowed. It is just not clear why he was still claiming to be certified by the ABO years after he began his crusade against them.

Dr. Rand Paul’s crusade against board certification – War Room – Salon.com

Joe Conason and Salon raise some really interesting questions about Rand Paul. The guy comes off as a crank and a bit of a lose cannon.

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