Glenn Greenwald on imperial ideology

It may very well serve our “national interests” to start a war because we want to control someone else’s resources, or because we think it would be good if they had a different government, or because we want the world to fear us, or because we want to change the type of political system they have, or because they aren’t complying with our dictates, or because we want to use their land as military bases, or because they are going to acquire weapons we tell them they are not allowed to have. But those who believe that war is justifiable and desirable under those circumstances are, by definition, espousing an imperial ideology.

From Glenn Greenwald – Political Blogs and Opinions – Salon

A brilliant sumation of what is wrong with our foreign policy. Greenwald is one of the many must read blogs on Salon. The ongoing debate between he and Daniel Drezner is also very informative.

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