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Though two independent investigations proved that no illegal activity occurred on my watch, it is crystal clear that what members of my administration did was wrong — no ifs, ands or buts.
I have apologized to Joe Bruno, the Senate majority leader, and now I want to apologize to all New Yorkers.

An Apology From Albany – New York Times

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I hate to say this, but I don’t buy the governor’s story. Maybe I am a too much of a cynic; but I have a lot of trouble believing that anyone with Governor Spitzer’s reputation for detail and micromanagement would be unaware of actions against Majority Leader Bruno taken by his aides. I’ve seen what happens when then AG Spitzer investigated wrong doing at a bond desk I had worked on. This guy is not W. If someone in his circle switched to a Windsor Knot, he would know. I know people who work in government. I’ve met more than a few staffers. I’ve seen the way things work (or don’t work). And I don’t buy the story.

One thought in closing for my friends on the right. Would you trust Mr. Spitzer with W’s justice department? Would you be happy to grant his staff the same level of executive privilege? Would you want him to have the same wire tapping powers? Or have as little oversight as been granted W?

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