Giuliani Offers Health Care Plan

Critical to Giuliani’s plan is a $15,000 tax deduction for families to buy private health insurance, instead of getting insurance through employers. Any leftover funds could be rolled over year-to-year for medical expenses.

From Giuliani Offers Health Care Plan – New York Times

This is not a health care plan. This isn’t even a tax cut. It is a subsidy for the health insurance companies. You know that little box on your tax return that allows you to divert $1 or $5 to some special cause? This is just like that except that the money goes to an insurance company.

As far as Mr. Giuliani’s insistence that Government can not help; one is left to wonder why he has such a low opinion of the institution he wishes to be the head of. And why he has such a low opinion of his fellow American’s that he feels that we alone are unable to have a Government that can handle basic tasks like health care.

It would be one thing if he argued that the private sector can do it better. That’s a legitimate argument one can make. It is another to claim the private sector can not solve the problem when this is ample evidence to suggest that it can and has.

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