A Split Emerges as Conservatives Discuss Darwin

Evolution has long generated bitter fights between the left and the right about whether God or science better explains the origins of life. But now a dispute has cropped up within conservative circles, not over science, but over political ideology: Does Darwinian theory undermine conservative notions of religion and morality or does it actually support conservative philosophy?

New York Times

This is an example of some of the dishonesty and inaccuracy that surrounds discussions of evolution. Even when reported in the New York Times. To start with, evolution is not something you believe in. Evolution is something you accept because of the evidence that supports it. And only in as much as that evidence allows you to make predictions that can then be supported by new evidence. Second, the only conflict between Science and Religion exists because of insistence from people of faith that Religious dogma be taught as absolute truth. This is despite the lack of evidence in support of dogma and the overwhelming evidence that invalidates dogmatic thinking.

But the major problem can be seen in the comment Both Nazism and communism were inspired by Darwinism. Well both the crusaders and suicide bombers are inspired by religion. Or did they think no one would be able to point that out? Sheesh. Bonus points for the person that points out the difference between advocating for a belief in Darwinism and an acceptance of scientific facts based on evidence.

By Stable Genius

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