The 40-year-old secondary virgin

For the past 40 years, the conservative movement has welcomed only one kind of person: the true believer. Iconoclasm in the pursuit of moderation was no virtue; orthodoxy in the name of conservatism was no vice. But this weekend, Grover Norquist—the leading bouncer at the conservative club—announced a more relaxed entrance policy. In light of the movement’s current struggles, the far right will now welcome a second type of conservative: the false believer.


The 40-year-old secondary virgin – By Bruce Reed – Slate Magazine

With the Neocons and Theocons unable to find their man, this just might be the opportunity for the remaining real Republicans to take their party back. Why not draft one of the many actual conservatives that haven’t flip-flopped on reality, actually stand for conservatism and heartland values; and has a long distinguished career. I’m going to suggest Jim Leach or Paul Gillmor as moderates and Lindsey Graham and Dick Lugar as more conservative options.

To all those who are mourning the loss of Lincoln Chaffee’s seat and John McCain’s soul, maybe this is the time to find a GOP member who isn’t beholden to the pro-war, anti-science wing of the party. You have nothing to lose but your 30% approval ratings.

By Stable Genius

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