A McCain-Lieberman ticket?

A Republican McCain-Lieberman ticket. Is that a fantasy? It strikes me as less improbable than the Kerry-McCain ticket MainStream Media reporters touted in 2004.

From USNews.com: Opinion: Michael Barone: Barone Blog: A McCain-Lieberman ticket?

Where to start. First, McCain was the favorite in the 1999 GOP nomination race. So much so that only one would dare to run against him. Remember how that turned out? So there is no guarentee that McCain would get the nod in the first place. The second problem with this idea can be summed by the this other quote:

a McCain-Lieberman ticket, however nonconservative on some issues, would be solidly committed to a vigorous prosecution of the war against terrorism. This issue unites the two of them as no other and so would help make that the central issue of the campaign. And an issue on which McCain-Lieberman would probably have a huge advantage over any possible Democratic ticket.

What unites McCain and Lieberman is not support for the War on Terrorism. It is support for the War in Iraq. A war of increasing costs in blood and treasure and decreasing support among voters. Running on support for the war in Iraq lost Lieberman the primary in 2006. Why on earth does anyone think that running on support for the war in Iraq will get anyone into the Whitehouse in 2008? As of now, a large and growing majority of Americans see the war in Iraq as a bungled occupation, not a front in the war on terror.

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