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but the example of saying gravity is not being tossed up in high school as just a “theory” is a little stupid. Gravity is a law. It can be proven easily with the scientific method and measured. We can also travel into space these days and have a control group. I’m not saying evolution is right or wrong, but lets not pretend gravity is a theory to make a point.

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Gravity is not a Law. It is a Theory. Evolution is a Theory in the same way Gravity is. What Newton’s Theory of Gravity was to 18th century Physics, Darwin was to 20th century Biology. This type of tactical ambiguity is one of the choice weapons of the GOPer. By calling Gravity a Law, the GOPer wants to somehow differentiate it from Evolution. These linguistic acrobatics are meant to cast doubt where doubt exists only in the minds of those who advocate creationism.

This is the same tactic used in the so called death tax debate. Orwell would be proud.

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