pork with a side of greed

Before adopting the $141 billion measure, 93 to 1, senators also defeated an effort to add more than $3 billion for home-heating assistance for low-income families. The proposal, by New England lawmakers who fear sky-high heating costs this winter, failed to attract the 60 votes that Senate procedures require.

This is why GOP terms like small government are total bullshit. When a GOPer says small Government what he really means is Government big enough to help me but too small to help you.

Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, was personally insulted, however. Alaska, which ranks No. 1 in per capita federal spending, was being unjustly singled out, he argued. The 37-year Senate veteran threatened to resign and “be taken out of here on a stretcher” if the Senate killed off perhaps the most egregious example of wasteful spending in the massive highway bill.

Nice to know he is willing to stand on lack of principles.

Maybe someone will explain to me why this law; one which restricts the rights of the individual while empowering unelected judges isn’t and example of Big Government.

By Stable Genius

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