what karl told the fbi

WASHINGTON – Karl Rove testified for the fourth and final time Friday before the grand jury investigating whether his conversations with two reporters led to the leaking of a CIA operative’s identity.
The White House aide spent about four and a half hours inside the federal courthouse, and left without commenting to reporters.

From the WaPo

INDICTMENTS POSSIBLE NEXT WEEK: Fitzgerald could send out “target” letters to senior administration officials at any time, advising them that they are targets of the investigation, and bring indictments as early as next week, the lawyers said.

Also from WaPo

If Rove told the FBI agents the same story that he and McClellan were telling the press, then he might have set himself up for a felony charge of lying to a federal law enforcement official. And if he lied, then he need not have been under oath to have committed a crime.

From Salon

Unlike in Watergate, which was largely advanced by the press, this scandal has unfolded despite much of the press corps’ efforts to avoid, demean or restrain the story until very recently. Also unlike in Watergate, major influences in the press have aligned with their sources in the administration, not with the professionals in the government acting as whistle-blowers.

Also from Salon

By the way, when The Times prints something that looks like an obituary your days are numbered. Spin aside, Prosecutors have told Rove they can not guarantee that he will not be indicted over the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity.

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