Satanic symbolism of the GOP logo explained

One thing lacking in the current right wing satanic panic is any mention of the satanic symbolism in the current GOP logo.

The GOP logo is red, long known as the color of Satan. In addition, there are three inverted pentagrams forming a dark trinity. This inverted pentagram is also known as the Sigil of Baphomet, easily recognized as a Satanic symbol.

The elephant leg’s are shaped like an altar with the trunk looking like a person kneeling before it. The summoned dark trinity hovers above the altar.

What exactly is the dark trinity? It is the Gipper’s stool. This represented the three groups that were influential in the GOP rise to power. While many thought that Ronald Wilson Reagan was the antichrist because he had three six letter names, Reagan was only the messenger that set the GOP on it’s satanic path.

Who is the knelling figure summoning by praying to the dark trinity? The antichrist, who is none other than Donald Trump.

One may mistakenly dismiss the idea that Trump is the antichrist because he lacks three six letter names, but this is only if you ignore his heritage. Trump’s family name was originally the six letter Drumpf. In addition, his middle name in German would be the six letter Johann.

That leads you to Donald Johann Drumpf. Three six letter names.

Hidden in plain sight

So there we have it-all of this hidden in plain sight. The GOP logo explains the secret purpose of the Republican party, to gather people to worship the dark trinity and summon the anti-christ. All of this is completely satanic. And as a huge fan of 80s metal, I can totally recognize anything satanic.

You may be tempted to think this is all nonsense. And you would of course be right. But this is exactly what the right is doing with its satanic panic, groomer and qanon nonsense. It’s easy to do.

There was a time, not too long ago, where this type of cheap Sophistry would get you laughed at. Now it gets you millions of followers as a right wing influencer.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.