Stop calling them Trump Judges

There is no such thing as a “Trump Judge”

Every single awful judicial activist being called a Trump Judge is a federalist society member picked by the GOP establishment.

The Federalist Society built a right wing political activism to life time appointment pipeline. They built it to control the judiciary so that it may function in the interests of it funders. And this has been discussed for decades at this point.

Which this leads me to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse‘s 2019 Speech.

Then there is the third Federalist Society. This one doesn’t have much in common with the law school debating society, and it certainly doesn’t operate like your run-of-the-mill Washington think tank. This Federalist Society is the nerve center for a complicated apparatus that does not care much about conservative principles like judicial restraint, or originalism, or textualism. This Federalist Society is the vehicle for powerful interests, which seek not to simply “reorder” the judiciary, but to acquire control of the judiciary to benefit their interests. This third Federalist Society understands the fundamental power of the federal judiciary to rig the system in favor of its donor interests?—?and as the Kavanaugh confirmation so clearly illustrated, it is willing to go to drastic lengths to secure that power.

And this leads me back to my point-It’s the whole damn Republican party that is attacking your rights. It’s the whole damn party that is appointing activists to the bench. This isn’t something that just happened the day Trump rode down the escalator and it is not something that will just stop when Trump eats his last ketchup covered well done steak.

Stop pretending it’s just Trump.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.