Abusing national security for domestic political gain is just something Republicans do

Washington (CNN)In a new interview published Tuesday, former President Donald Trump called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to release any damaging information he has about the Biden family, in a brazen request for domestic political assistance from America’s top adversary.

From CNN

No one who remembers the first Trump impeachment is shocked by any of this. Of course Trump wants to solicit Russia’s help. He was literally impeached for attempting to extort election interference from Ukraine.

This is just something Republicans do. Not Trump, Republicans.

The idea that politics ends at the waters edge should have died the day Valerie Plame was outed as a spy during the W administration. It should have been morned when the GOP rallied to protect Scooter Libby and Karl Rove who outed her. And it should have been avenged when Rove and Libby lied to the FBI about it. Neither of them spent a day in jail and Scooter eventually got a full pardon.

It would be bad enough if it were just the Plame affair but this keeps happening. The GOP has made it clear they are OK with abusing national security for partisan politics when they lied us into a disastrous Iraq war. They lied about the Iran treaty while it was being negotiated. They pardoned everyone involved in Iran Contra. It just keeps happening and has damn near nothing to do with Trump. This is a Republican thing, not a Trump thing and it should be discussed in that context.

No Republican will remember any of those inconvenient facts. Few if any will do anything to stop Trump. So the idea that the GOP is more outraged at those Republicans who want to Trump accountable than those who are entangling national security into our domestic politics isn’t at all surprising to me at all.

Abusing national security for domestic political gain is just something Republicans do and we should be honest with ourselves about it.

By Stable Genius

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