What media are those people consuming?

When The NY Times runs headline like “The Disconnect Between Biden’s Popular Policies and His Unpopularity” my first thought it, what media are they consuming?

“popular policies haven’t made for a popular president. His approval ratings have slipped into the mid-40s, even though virtually all of his legislation commands majority support in the same surveys. In poll after poll, voters seem to give Mr. Biden no credit for his agenda. They say he hasn’t accomplished much. They even say he hasn’t helped them personally, even though he sent direct stimulus payments to most households and even more to parents.

If anything, voters say he’s made things worse.”

From: nytimes.com

It should be a given that popular policies would make for a popular president. And it should be a given that the media would cover things that are popular. So when doing popular things makes you unpopular, I have to wonder why.

So what media are those people consuming? And would the people running those media outlets give Biden better press if he stopped pushing for things the audience wanted rather than the things the people who owned the outlets wanted?