Former GOP lawmaker lays out plan to boot Lauren Boebert, MTG from Congress

“We know since January 6th and even before, there have been more threats to members of Congress than ever,” Comstock told Acosta. “This year is going to be the highest sort of threat level that there’s ever been. When you have this kind of just unconscionable attack — and it’s not just that she needs to apologize to the congresswoman who she attacked, she needs to apologize to the American people. She needs to apologize to the Republican party and a lot of other people. It goes way beyond that.”


Someone needs to explain to her that Boebert and MTG, while clearly not representative of the country-club-slash-Georgetown-law-alumni-club that Barbara Comstock lives in, actually better represent the GOP base than she does. You would hope that elected Republicans would know the past 25 years of American politics have shown us there is a pipeline from right wing talking point to repetition in the right wing media echo chamber to sincerely held GOP base belief which is unstoppable and impervious to fact checking. This is why they can be convinced by the Boebert and MTG’s of the world that antifa troops will round up conservatives and put them in jade helm FEMA camps hidden under Ukrainian pizza parlors where they’ll be forced to gay Sharia law marry illegals while the Obama Care death panels confiscate their guns and bibles as they are forced to learn critical race theory and say happy holidays.