This post is a puzzle, can you figure it out? The Case Against the Democrats


This article is a trick but you consider it a puzzle. Read it carefully and see if you figure out what is odd about it. 


“However remarkable its catalogue of successes in the past—and the party has thrived on factionalism and controversy (with notable exceptions, such as the quarrel over slavery)—it is apparent that the party is and has been for some time in a bit of a fix. The trouble, moreover, is not just a matter of a few mischief‐makers in the back room obstructing the leadership—it is a failure born of far deeper frustrations:

  1.  inability to bring the executive and Congress into an effective working relationship;
  2.  lack of success in persuading the business community that the party is not ready to do it in if it can;
  3.  reliance on the cult of personality;
  4.  conspicuous failure in governing our cities;
  5.  a fitful, faltering approach to solving the great problems of readjustment of our cities and states within the federal system: and
  6.  exalting the group instead of the individual.

NOT since the first term of Franklin Roosevelt has the Democratic party leadership managed to reassemble the scattered limbs of government into a working whole.”

Did you figure out what the trick is?

It was printed in the NY Times back in  1964.


The reality is that the narrative of “Democrats in disarray” has been going on for at least a half century at this point.